Saturday, November 15, 2008

Visit the Discovery Institute!

My friend Tiana and I visited the Discovery Institute disguised as good little Christian schoolteachers just to see what we could see a few months ago. We received this letter from Casey Luskin, our tourguide, in turn. If you read carefully, you'll note that Mr. Luskin has stated that not only does the Discovery Institute welcome Intelligent Design skeptics with open arms but receives them in droves (yet we hear nothing from these people, oddly enough). So my mission to all of you skeptics is, when in Seattle, to visit the Discovery Institute if you can find it and state your honest business and see what sort of reception you get. We can compare notes. I want a hundred skeptics to have knocked on their doors by the time a year has passed. Think you can handle that? If so, report back here for our amusement.


discovery institute

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